Airplay 2 is here!

Now announcing the Airplay 2 update to Sonos!

This has been an announcement that consumers and resellers have been excited for since Apple unveiled Airplay 2 last year at the World Wide’s Developer’s Conference.

Before this update Sonos users couldn’t use Airplay, but no longer do you need to worry about not being able to cast your favorite song to your sonos speakers.

This doesn’t mean that all speakers will be included.

Only the Sonos One & Playbase, Beam, and second gen Play:5 are supported by Airplay 2.

This means that more than ever before speakers can streamlined together with your ios device, group them together and you’ll be able to control audio using Siri and send audio from ios apps to your Sonos speakers.

One of the nice things about Sonos is that even if your other Sonos speakers are older and don’t support Airplay you will only need one product to be able to group and cast the same song.

Alexa supporters will be pleased about the simple way to play music on different speakers.

You’ll be able to control the playback of Airplay 2, especially on the Sonos One ask Alexa to pause, go to the next track, or ask what’s currently playing she will be able to do it all.

To get started, you will need to complete the latest Sonos software update.

Once you have content playing, swipe up from the bottom of your screen to launch the control center (or from the top right on an iPhone X) then touch & hold the audio card in the right upper right-hand corner to choose what speaker you’d like to play to.

How do you unlock AirPlay for Non-Compatible Speakers?

Start playing content from Airplay to a compatible Sonos speaker, open the sonos app. In the rooms menu, group non-compatible speakers together.

Watch any video on any apple device and list to the sound on Sonos in perfect sync.

For those favorable to Google, google assistant is still on the way.

Update your device now, and see if you’re eligible!

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