With the arrival of the Google Assistant, your Sonos system gets even smarter.

The Google Assistant is here. As it lands on Sonos, the smart voice assistant brings with it all the obvious hands-free convenience you’d expect from voice control: Play this, pause that, adjust the volume, and the like. But with over one million actions, the Google Assistant can do so much more than simplify audio playback. It can also help streamline your day; unlock new, unexpected possibilities, and supercharge your listening experience overall.

“..it’s exactly the same as using Google’s own home-branded smart speakers but with the bonus of superior sound quality.” – Adam Turner, Australian Business Traveller.

Here are some commands you can try:

“Hey Google, play ‘We Appreciate Power” and crank it up.”
“Hey Google, play my Discover Weekly playlist.”
“Hey Google, play the latest on the AFL scores.”

You can use the Google Assistant with any device – enjoy voice control for Sonos from your phone, a Google Home Mini, or any other smart device with the Google Assistant built in.

To read about the 12 Ways the Google Assistant Will Enhance Your Sonos Listening Experience visit the Sonos blog here.

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