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Removal of ‘On this iPhone/iPad’ feature

Playback with the ‘On this iPhone/iPad’ feature will be removed from the Sonos app this month. Customers who are still using this feature have received an in-app message informing them of this upcoming change. In order to support you in your communications with customers, we want to provide you with the context for this change. […]

Airplay 2 is here!

Now announcing the Airplay 2 update to Sonos! This has been an announcement that consumers and resellers have been excited for since Apple unveiled Airplay 2 last year at the World Wide’s Developer’s Conference. Before this update Sonos users couldn’t use Airplay, but no longer do you need to worry about not being able to cast […]

Sonos PLAY:3 Vs PLAY:5

THE SONOS PLAY:3 The Sonos Play:3 is the mid-range speaker of the Sonos family and the popular choice for customers who want to immerse themselves into the world of digital music streaming for the first time. The first question we normally get asked is ‘How loud does it go and what is the bass like?’ Our usual response is ‘ you […]

Flexson VinylPlay

Bring your old Record Collection into the Streaming Age. Sonos fans, Lovers of vinyl, prepare to be amazed! Not only is the record coming back but there is now a way to stream it directly through your Sonos! Presenting the Flexson VinylPlay turntable, available in black or white. This remarkable innovation of a vintage classic […]

Sonos unveils voice-enabled speaker, Sonos One

Sonos today confirmed one of the worst-kept secrets in consumer technology, announcing a smart speaker with support for voice services including Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant — the Sonos One. The $299 speaker, coming to Australia October 24, will let users control their music with their voice and ask for music based on decade, genre, […]

Sonos Speakers, which one is best for you?

  The Play:1 is a great little speaker with so much potential beyond the speaker itself that we can’t recommend it enough as a starting place to embrace the Sonos system. It doesn’t sound as good as the Play:3, but this speaker is about getting the most out of your digital streaming music service without […]

Playbar vs Playbase, spoilt for choice.

The Ultimate SONOS question. To Playbar or Playbase? If you are like me, deciding to stay in and watch a movie rather than battle parking and expensive snacks at the local theatre, is an easy decision.  However, to do so, you need cinematic quality sound. For me, I need to hear every explosion, music score, […]

Which Sonos Should I Buy?

If you’re not sure which Sonos unit to buy then you have two options; you can make an informed decision yourself through the help of this article, or we can come to you for an in-home inspection to see what we think would work best for you. The first consideration is how much you are […]