The Sonos Playbase is here folks. It’s time to get excited.
Damn are we excited to get one of these bad boys into our office!

From the sleek, simplistic design to the crystal clear sound we have come to love from the wide range of Sonos products currently on the market.

Sonos has said that roughly 70% of TVs aren’t mounted on the wall and for this reason they have come up with the Sonos Playbase that is designed to sit on a TV stand or media center. The Playbase can also be combined with other Sonos wireless sub woofers to really enhance the ultimate audio experience within your home.

This one looks like a real winner and from all reports it will not disappoint!

Available from April 4th

The Sonos Playbase will be available for ordering from April 4th, you can place an order or find out more about the product here.

Place a pre-order today and receive a $50 iTunes Gift Voucher!

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